Long-time rivals Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are about to see their battle spill over into the judges table!

NBC just announced that next week's season premiere of The Voice will be extended to three nights, Monday through Wednesday. So what's the problem? The premiere of Fox show The X Factor is scheduled to air on Wednesday. Not only that, but according to yahoo.com, the two shows are overlapping in the same time slot!

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Needless to say, Simon wasn't too happy about NBC's attempt to wipe out the competition. He claims the networks had a "gentlemen's agreement" that their shows would air on separate nights and says it's a retaliatory move because on the other side of the pond, his show Britain's Got Talent destroyed The Voice U.K. in a ratings war last year. "These guys have really got it in for us.  It's nothing short of dirty tricks...I can't bear it that the network is playing political games and playing with the audience," said Simon. You know, because he's such a delicate little wallflower when it comes to business.

Simon also added fuel to the fire by throwing Christina into the mix!  "Britney's not going to appreciate the fact that Christina--who has been a bit of a rival--isn't allowing Britney to have a night of her own," he said. "She's going to be devastated because she's put her heart and soul into this." As of now, there is NO proof that Christina had anything to do with adding a third night to The Voice premiere. We'll all be watching with baited breath to see who wins that head to head though!

Which show will you be watching Wednesday? The Voice or The X Factor?

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