Election day is looming and you know what means: time for another political vid from comedian Sarah Silverman!

The comic went viral with her 2008 video The Great Schlep, encouraging voters to visit their Jewish grandparents in Florida to get them to vote for Barack Obama. But this time, she's taking a difference stance from celebrities like Miley Cyrus, who are campaigning Rock the Vote. What if you want to vote, but can't? Sarah hilariously addresses the new anti-voter fraud laws this election in a new YouTube video that's racked up over 1.3 million views in just four days!  

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The new anti-voter fraud laws restrict what forms of ID are acceptable to hit the voting booths and directly affect the more than 21 million Americans who don't have drivers licenses. "Hey black people, old people, poor people and students! Guess what you all have in common? Lawmakers are trying to f*** you in your a******s," says Sarah in her typical saccharine voice. And let's just say her solution to the problem is pretty damn funny.

This video is NOT safe for work or pretty much anywhere except the company of friends and select family. It's definitely worth a look though!

What do you think of Sarah's new video?

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