As an outsider looking in, it appears that everything went smoothly for the celebs at the 64th annual Emmy Awards last Sunday night. But it isn’t a Hollywood event without some sort of wardrobe malfunction, right?

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara experienced just that moments before she had to step on stage with the rest of the cast to accept their award for "Outstanding Comedy." The back of her dressed ripped, almost giving viewers a good show of her behind. Yikes!

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Instead of pretending like it never even happened, Sofia took a completely different route and posted all about it on Twitter! Attaching a photo of her embarrassing moment, she wrote, “Yes!!! This happened 20 min before we won!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!" And we love you, Sofia. We love you.

She added, “20 min later Modern Family won!! Dress malfunction!!! Thank you emergency team!!!”

Thoughts on how Sofia handled her wardrobe mishap?

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet