Okay, seriously. We're all pretty much over the K-Stew/R-Pat cheating scandal. Mistakes were made, they got back together, all is right with the world. Done.

But with friends like they have, who needs enemies? Their "sources" keep going to the tabloids and it's been revealed that Kristen insists she did NOT have sex with Rupert Sanders. Not even the Bill Clinton kind. Just a few make-out sessions and that's it. "Rob didn't believe her in the beginning, but as time wore on he accepted her explanation," said a source to Radar Online. "Kristen has given Rob passwords to her voicemail and e-mail account to prove she has nothing to hide and will do anything to get his trust back."

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However, it seems like Rob's friends don't think their rekindling will last. Not only that, but they HOPE it doesn't last. "Robert's friends just wish he could get Kristen out of his system," said an insider. "They are disgusted with her behavior and want nothing to do with her. Kristen has some type of hold on Rob though and he seems to be thoroughly addicted to all the drama because she is always sulking and brooding about something."

Like any romance that's on their second wind, the next couple of months will be very telling in whether or not this partnership can be a success.

Do you think Kristen and Rob will last?

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