We all have that one celebrity who inspires us when it comes to fashion, and gives us a look we want to mimic perfectly, but these days, fictional characters also have some pretty rad style we can learn from!

Today, we're breaking down the style of five fashion icons from the small screen, who all fall into different categories in terms of fashion!

Style Icon #1: Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl

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Played By: Leighton Meester

Style: High Fashion/Preppy

Why We Covet Her: Whether Blair is headed to a formal event (left), casual outing (right), or just going to bed (middle), she's always dressed to impress. Every girl dreams of always being able to look this good, right?! Hey, you can't be the Upper East Side's "IT GIRL" without a little bit of effort!

Style Icon #2: Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars

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Played By: Lucy Hale

Style: Rebel with a Cause

Why We Covet Her: Aria is definitely NOT afraid to take fashion risks -- and that's something to admire! Whether it be wearing funky legwear, unique patterns or crazy accessories ("Forks for earrings", as her TV mom, Ella, once joked), we can always expect something dark, original and outside the box.

Style Icon #3: Jess Day on New Girl

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Played By: Zooey Deschanel

Style: Fun-Loving Nerdy Girl

Why We Covet Her: No one can rock bold patterns and bright colors quite like Jess! She's amazing because she looks so stinkin' adorable, with such seemingly little effort. Plus, we all know we wish we could get away with rockin' bangs and chic glasses the way she does!

Style Icon #4: Emily Thorne on Revenge

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Played By: Emily VanCamp

Style: Classy Upper Class Socialite

Why We Covet Her: We can all only dream of having the bodies to squeeze into those tight dresses Emily wears! Emily manages to always fit in with the high class style of the Hamptons, but deep down she's always got a hidden agenda!  And don't be fooled -- she can get down and dirty even in her most formal evening wear!

Style Icon #5: Joan Holloway on Mad Men

Played By: Christina Hendricks

Style: Simple in the 60's

Why We Covet Her: One word: Simplicity. Although it might take her a bit longer to get that updo just right in the mornings, getting dressed seems like a breeze for Joan -- throw on a solid-colored dress and you're out the door! Just another reason Mad Men makes me want to live in the 60's sometimes...

Which TV style icon do you idolize?!