Justin Bieber loves to put on a great show -- and that's exactly what he did during a performance on Tuesday's episode of Dancing With the Stars!

The Biebs gave an energetic and upbeat performance of his latest hit As Long As You Love Me, joined by a swarm of his own dancers. Can it just be mentioned, too, that Justin is probably the only guy who can move this well in a full leather get-up?! Check it out!

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Last night's performance was just a taste of what we'll likely see on Justin's upcoming Believe tour, which (FINALLY) kicks off this weekend in Scotsdale, Arizona. From what it looks like on Twitter, Justin's been working super hard for the last month or so at rehearsals to get ready for the highly anticipated show.

Okay, so... next question (and I know this is wishful thinking) -- when can we get Justin on Dancing WIth the Stars as a contestant?! Now THAT would be amazing!

Will you be checking Justin out on tour?!