Here's proof that just about anything can be used to create a political message: A One Direction song is now the center of a video bashing Mitt Romney that's gone viral over the last week!

A faux boy band calling themselves Wrong Direction has released a song called Disclosure, a parody of the British boy band's hit What Makes You Beautiful. Wrong Direction was formed to take a stand against and expose Mitt's tax-witholding, sheisty behavior. But like Baywatch, if you're not into what they have to say, just hit the mute button and watch five well-built, scantily clad guys strut their stuff. It works just as well.

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Wrong Direction's video was released last month and has racked up over 3.1 million views, but the bulk of those streams have come within the last seven days. They're still a long way behind the actual One Direction video in terms of views because the band has racked up 243 million views since last year with What Makes You Beautiful.

Either way, the faux boy band's lyrics are clever and they're easy on the eyes. And if boy bands like friggin' Youngstown and 2Gether can have a hit song, we don't see why these guys can't have their 15 minutes.

What do you think of the One Direction parody?

Photos courtesy of YouTube