The X Factor is bringing out some serious talent this season and we’re not talking about Britney Spears and Demi Lovato! Last week, we introduced you to Carly Rose Sonenclar, who Britney called a “little diva.”

This week, we chatted with another one of our favorite contestants, 13-year-old Diamond White about The X Factor experience, her musical influences and what advice she has for other future contestants!

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Auditioning for a show like The X Factor definitely brings out the nerves, but getting positive feedback can really make it all worth it. Talking about her audition, Diamond said, “I was nervous and excited going into it! But once I got onto the stage all of that went away. Those judges can be tough and hard to impress, so it was such a good feeling to hear their feedback. It made me realize that I actually have talent and I can do this.” As if we had any doubts!

There are so many successful people in the industry, but who are the ones that Diamond really looks up too? “Beyonce, she does it all! Acting, singing, dancing, she’s a mogul, Cher Llyod because she got her start on The X Factor and she’s doing what I want to do and Nicki Minaj went through a lot of the same struggles that I did.”

Finally, since going after your dreams can be a scary experience, especially when you look at the big picture, but Diamond believes you should never quit! “Never give up on your dream and remember that when on door closes, another one opens with bigger and better opportunities waiting for you.” How great is she?!

What do you think about Diamond? Does she have what it takes to win this season of The X Factor?