Imagine one day, you decided to just put up a few YouTube videos of you singing your favorite song with your twin sister, just because you were bored. Now, imagine doing that, getting a huge fan base and performing on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas alongside Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Usher. Crazy to think about, right?

Well the dynamic duo Megan & Liz did just that after winning the Macy’s iHeart Radio rising star contest thanks to their hard core fans! Chelsea Briggs chatted with the girls at the festival all about their success, pre-show nerves and their new album!

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Fans who have watched these two become the next YouTube sensation will be excited about this news – Megan & Liz have a new album coming out soon! Giving us the deets on the record, Megan said, “The album is about three quarters of the way written and a lot of it is with Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls… it’s coming together really, really well and we’re really excited for everybody to hear it.” Woo!

What do you think about Megan & Liz? Could they be the next YouTube stars to make it big?