Let’s face it – the real world is a scary, scary place! So wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody there at all times, or just for the must-needed times, to bust in and take you out of harm’s way? Yeah, we thought so too!

In honor of Taken 2 hitting theaters today, we’ve gathered up seven action heroes who we would want to save us from danger! Cue our damsel in distress act!

1. Liam Neeson

Okay, Liam is the ultimate badass! Seriously, no matter what movie he’s in, he always has the “don’t you mess with me” persona about him. And since he’s saving his family AGAIN in Taken 2, do you think that he would want to adapt us?

2. Ryan Gosling

If you looked up “Real-Life Action Hero” in the dictionary, you’d for sure find a picture of Ryan. The guy kicked ass to protect Carey Mulligan and her son in Drive and he actually saved a woman from getting hit by a cab in NYC. Soon we’re going to be finding ourselves walking in dark alleys hoping that he’ll pop out of nowhere to save us.

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3. Jason Statham

Is there a movie role he’s done where he’s NOT a badass? Plus, I mean, look at him. He definitely knows how to work that intimidating look!

4. Jennifer Lawrence

It’s not just the guys that can save everyone. Um hello, Katniss Everdeen anyone? Looking at Jennifer you may see just a sweet, pretty but equally hilarious girl, but not so fast! Put a bow and arrow in her hand and you might want to back off. The girl can definitely hold her own! Plus, she volunteered for her sister in during The Reaping of The Hunger Games. Obviously she’d take a bullet for you!

5. Christian Bale

Let’s get the obvious reason out of the way: Batman. But we’re going to give you one warning – don’t get on this guy’s bad side. Insert his rant on a helpless on-set member during Terminator Salvation.

6. Chris Hemsworth

Thor is jacked! No seriously, the 6’4 actor is definitely not lazy when it comes to hitting the gym. Who would want to mess with him? Exactly why he should ALWAYS be by our side to protect us and I swear it’s not because of his good looks. Okay, maybe just a little.

7. Johnny Depp

Okay, hear us out on this one. If somebody came at you and Johnny jumped in, he’s probably act kinda weird and crazy that nobody would even want to deal with him. And then he’d whisk you away to his private island and watch over you for the rest of eternity. Sounds pretty good, right?

Which of the seven badass’ would you want to save your life?