Diamond Rings popped up on Late Night with David Letterman on Friday, and a lot of people wondered: “Who?” Let us be the first to assure you that he is just as precious (and flashy!) as his name suggests.

Diamond Rings (AKA John O’Regan) is a 27-year-old dance-pop artist from Toronto, whose second album Free Dimensional was just released last week. That means it’s the perfect time to get hip to him. The album’s lead single “I’m Just Me” is catchy as hell, and has now been followed by a second ― "Runaway Love."

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Part of Diamond Rings' image is based around outrageous fashion and pushing gender norms, but he also has the musical chops to stand out even apart from these gimmicks. His singing voice is surprisingly, alluringly deep, which further sets him apart from most of his peers.

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Plus, we can totally get behind an artist whose lead single is about expressing your originality and individuality, especially since "I'm Just Me" isn't nearly as preachy as the title might make it seem.

Here are a few more reasons we think you should be paying attention to Diamond Rings:

* He's Canadian, like Justin Bieber, Drake, and Carly Rae Jepsen. Canadians? So hot right now.

* Free Dimensional is a terrific dance-pop album, full of catchy melodies and danceable beats.

* He's got that David Bowie thing going on.

* He's something like the male answer to Lady Gaga and Robyn. (See above, re: Bowie.)

* How can you possibly ignore someone named Diamond Rings?

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Free Dimensional is available for download now, and we highly suggest you check it out. After all, there's nothing better than being one of the first to discover a hot new artist ― we have a feeling this guy could be pretty big in the near future.

Have we uncovered a diamond in the rough? Let us know if you're digging Diamond Rings in the comments!