So many celebrity news stories, so little time! Thanks a few of our fellow entertainment BFF’s, Hollywire has rounded up some of our favorite and most-talked about news stories of the day! Find out why Jessica Biel doesn’t want to be Jessica Biel anymore, which boy band might be collaborating with the Biebs and which Gossip Girl star chopped off her hair!

The name “Jessica Biel” is definitely very recognizable but you won’t be calling her anymore! [Celebuzz]

Who wouldn’t want to work with Justin Bieber? The talented superstar is reportedly in talks to be collaborating with a certain British boy band. Hm, who could it be? [PopCrush]

Now that Gossip Girl has officially wrapped up its final season, the stars don’t have to work about staying in character anymore. Find out which starlet completely chopped off her hair and ditched her TV alter ego! [TheCelebrityCafe]

Who knew that Abraham Lincoln was a texting fool back in the day? Okay, maybe it was Daniel Day-Lewis who was the texting fool… as Abe Lincoln! [NextMovie]