Last night was round two between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney -- and round two of celebrities giving their two cents on the Presidential debates.

Twitter reported 7.2 million tweets on last night's showdown and Kate Walsh, Eva Longoria and Russell Simmons were among those contributing to the total (in addition to the binders full of women tweeting in droves.) Find out what they and several other A-listers had to say after the jump!

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Our favorite tweet of the night came from Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who had this to say on Obama's victory and leveling the debate score at 1-1: "That debate was better than a real housewives reunion."

Check out the other celeb reactions below!

Bill Maher: "If the tea party is still voting for this immigrant loving, non tax cutting, birth control loving protectionist they care only about winning."

Eva Longoria: "Mitt Romney just completely lied on his stance on contraception—he would put your boss between women and their doctors."

Mary J. Blige: "Great Job on debate Mr. President! I never lost faith in u!"

Sarah Silverman: "Then give more people the opportunity to BE a two parent family & make gay marriage legal u s--tty person."

Russell Simmons: "great night for Barack! Tomorrow morning, let's get to work! 21 days to win this election! #TeamObama."

Stephen Colbert: "I predict tonight's debate has a DRAMATIC impact on predictions for the next debate."

Patton Oswalt: "This isn't so bad for Romney. He can easily win this without single moms, immigrants, the middle class or all women #debate."

What are your thoughts on the celeb reactions to the debate?

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