Here’s the definition of a “rich people problem” — you’re so famous, you need to trademark your baby’s name.

The birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter caused a huge stir in the media, with much buzz about what they’d name the baby. Of course, the world now knows they went with Blue Ivy, presumably a nod to her parents’ discographies, with “Blue” short for Jay-Z’s LP trilogy The Blueprint and “Ivy” a nod to Beyonce’s 4 (or “IV”). Unlike some celebrities, they kept it relatively simple — Blue Ivy is a hell of a lot better than DangerouslyInLove Blackalbum or B’Day Throne.

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In fact, Bey and Hova were so enamored with their daughter’s name, they attempted to trademark it! Unfortunately, courts have ruled that the proud parents can’t keep their baby’s name all to themselves because a Boston events company has been using the name Blue Ivy since 2009 (AKA long before Blue Ivy was even a twinkle in her father’s eye).

The ruling seems fair. If Jay-Z and Beyonce had been able to trademark Blue Ivy, Blue Ivy events would have had to operate under another name. But clearly, the company is embracing the publicity, since they even feature a photo of the happy couple on their website.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had been planning to start a line of baby products under the name Blue Ivy. Now they'll just have to wait to name a onesie after their next child, and come up with an even more outrageous color for a plant. Magenta Nettles, perhaps? 

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Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet and HelloBlueIvyCarter Tumblr