We already knew there was some sort of British invasion happening here in the States – um, hello One Direction! – but there’s one English, acoustic playing ginger who has caught the attention of just about everyone. Ed Sheeran is touring the country to promote his debut album + and stopped by The Ellen Show to give not one, but two AH-MAZING performances!

But this wasn't any kind of show. Ed tweeted about his appearance and had 100 of his biggest fans up close and personal with him. In fact, people made such a big deal about it, they even crashed Ellen's email server to try and be at the show!

For a special performance of his track Grade 8 for audience members, he makes it pretty clear that he is seriously talented and doesn’t even need a band to back him. With the beauty of a loop station, he creates his own beats to go along with him and his guitar and believe me -- it’s pretty impressive.

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Ed started creating buzz here in the U.S. has an amazing singer/songwriting and even writing music for One Direction and Taylor Swift. He’s ready to make a career of his own here and so far, I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job at it! He’s half-way done with his North American tour and he’s already selling out venues for his 2013 second go-around in the States! That’s gotta tell you something.

And just to give you another reason why this guy is going to be a household name soon, take a look at him performing his single The A Team on Ellen!

What do you think about Ed? Does he have what it takes to become the next big thing?

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