Britney Spears and Rihanna both just released ad campaigns for their fragrances, Fantasy and Nude, respectively, but the question right now isn't which scent is better to wear on a night out!

Instead, we're pitting the two divas against each other in a Fragrance Ad Showdown -- which ad makes you want to buy the singers' perfume more?! Take a look at the full view and I'll help break it down.

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In Britney's Fantasy ad, we see two sides of the pop princess, both dark and light. So there's no question that Brit and her sultry expressions are pretty flawless, but does the ad make you feel like her scent can help fulfill your fantasies?!

Meanwhile, RiRi took a different approach, laughing it up, but showing some more skin while wearing only a nude bra and covering up with a sheer sheet. Plus, she captions the photo that her fragrance will help you smell your best when naked -- do you buy it?!

Do you like Britney or Rihanna's campaign better?

Photos Courtesy of: Facebook/Twitter