Can you imagine an alternate universe where Bruno Mars is the frontman of Green Day? Where he's shooting fireworks out of his bosom a la Katy Perry? Where he's the reincarnation of Michael Jackson?

Well, it's a lot easier to picture such things after seeing his hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch, where he played an intern at Pandora who is forced to impersonate all of these artists during a blackout. It's a nice blend of poking fun at Pandora users as well as a brilliant showcase for Bruno's versatile talents. (He performed his own songs as musical guest in addition to serving as host.)

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Due to music licensing issues, the "Pandora" sketch isn't allowed to be shown on SNL or NBC's websites, like the rest of these skits. But on the internet, there's always a way.

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We have to say, we were especially impressed by the "Haters" sketch, in which Bruno expertly portrayed a bratty, booty-shakin' girl. Who knew he had such comedy chops?

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It's just too bad SNL killed off Bruno's Pandora intern character, because we could see him coming back as a recurring character for sure.

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