Are you underemployed? Well, you’re not alone! The new MTV show Underemployed follows five struggling college grads in less-than-ideal occupations, scraping to get by (but bonding with their buddies in the process).


So who better to speak to the best and worst aspects of their generation than the stars of the show? Diego Boneta, Sarah Habel, Inbar Lavi, and Jared Kusnitz opened up to Hollywire’s own Chelsea Briggs about loathing the term "LOL," the return of scrunchies and a few more serious tidbits — such as their own embarrassing moments of being underemployed (before they became TV stars, of course).

Bonus: Some “Gangnam Style” dance action! Check it!

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"It's about the struggle to stay positive and keep moving forward with what you want to do, in the face of some hard stuff that happens," Sarah explains of the show's message, which manages to find comedy in the difficulties many of their generation are facing in the wake of the recession. "And also just about the friendships you tend to lean on in order to get through it."

But the cast also had some lighter moments while playing the Generation Game. Inbar poked fun at Jared for claiming he always forgets how Titanic will end, but he made up for it by displaying the dance of our generation--Gangnam Style. (The rest of the cast seemed pretty taken with the Psy song, too.)

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If they're this much fun behind the scenes, we can only imagine how hilarious this cast is on their new show.

Underemployed premieres on MTV Tuesday, October 16 at 10. Be sure to check it out!


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