‘Tis the season to be... dressed in a Halloween costume. But that didn’t stop Cee Lo Green from dropping a vid from his Christmas album a few holidays too early. And given the scantily-clad state of “Santa’s helpers” in his rendition of Silent Nightwell, it’s a wonder Kris Kringle was able to focus on making all those toys!

Cee Lo’s take on the December classic actually takes place before sundown and features lots of slow-motion running, making it seem the night will be anything but quiet. And despite the carol’s subject of a virgin birth, we don't think the models running around in their underwear here are quite so chaste.

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But that’s exactly the sort of spunk we expect from the Voice judge, whose Christmas album Cee Lo’s Magic Moment will surely be more sassy than secular (it features Rod Stewart, Christina Aguilera, and The Muppets, after all). It drops October 30 — which is still waaay too early to listen to holiday music, in our opinion! Does someone need to buy him a calendar or what?

Does Cee Lo's "Silent Night" get you in the Christmas spirit, or are you too busy thinking up a Halloween costume?