If you have to keep defending yourself about it, there's probably some truth to it.

Numerous instances of Chris Brown making homophobic comments, both documented on Twitter and rumored by sources, have come up in recent years. Breezy denies he is homophobic, but now now we can throw another accusation into the pile. LA resident Lucas Peter claims that after approaching Chris for an autograph outside a movie theater, the performer looked at him and called him a "fa****," according to Radar Online.

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While Chris' alleged outburst was certainly unacceptable, it also didn't come out of nowhere. Lucas admitted that after being turned down for an autograph by Breezy, he remarked that Rihanna signs CD's all the time. Then came the "F" word comment.

Lucas decided to raise the stakes even further by calling Chris a wife beater and asking if he was going to beat Rihanna again. Chris reportedly responded by saying, "I beat p****." Come to think of it, that DOES sound like something he would say. To top it all off, Breezy's bodyguard finally stepped in by telling Lucas, "And I beat men."

We have to wonder if Rihanna will alienate her gay fans, a huge portion of her demographic, if she ends up getting back together with Breezy. This is a man who has a repeated history of making homophobic statements. And by getting back together with him (again!), RiRi is basically saying that she doesn't have a problem with it.

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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