Christina Aguilera once claimed she wanted to get Back To Basics, but there’s one very basic thing she seems hesitant to put on — underwear.

The classy Christina of yesteryear is a distant memory as we are introduced to the Lotus-era Xtina, with the colored streaks in her hair, the revealing outfits, and apparently, no panties. Of course, this is hardly the first time the Voice diva has been Stripped, but even so, she seems extra-eager to flaunt her body this time around.

Case in point — her appearance on Chelsea Lately last night, during which she flaunted not only her own body, but Chelsea Handler's, too!

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Xtina decided to make Chelsea wear the kind of outfit that only a pop star can pull off, before sharing her thoughts on going commando: "I don’t like to wear underwear. I mean, obviously. I like to be as free as possible at all times.”

Um... free to do what?

Christina also claimed that her provocative way of dressing was “empowering,” and certainly she does seem pretty comfortable with her body these days.

Do you find this empowering, or is Christina just giving us TMI? Let us know in comments.