Donald Trump's plans to run for President fell through last year, but he is still hellbent on shaping the future of the country in a big way.

The Donald did a phone interview yesterday on Fox News and said he had a major bombshell to drop about Barack Obama. But rather than just say it then and there, he instead made an annoucement to say he would make an annoucement on Wednesday with the news. "I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States," he said, according to Yahoo. "I will be announcing it sometime probably Wednesday and it's going to be very big. It's very big—bigger than anybody would know." Okay, it's big, right?

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The Donald said he will make his major announcement via "The Twitter." Of course, his "very big" plans haven't always panned out that way. He was supposed to deliver a "big surprise" at the Republican National Convention earlier this year, which ultimately consisted of a video featuring an Obama impersonator that Trump predictably fired.

Hey, if he can't change the shape of the country, he can sure as hell change the lives of D-listers like Latoya Jackson and Lisa Rinna during the upcoming "All-Star" season of Celebrity Apprentice.

UPDATE: Donald did not have a "Obamashell." His gigantic revelation consisted of a challenge to Obama to release his college records and passport application. If the President complies, The Donald will donate $5 million to a charity of Obama's choice.

Do you think The Donald has ANY news on Barack Obama?

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