Dylan O’Brien chatted with Hollywire all about his new movie, The First Time! So of course, we had to ask him about the awkward make-out and well ya know, scene where he goes all the way!

His repsonse is why we love him so much, he dished all the details to me, Chelsea Briggs in today's Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The First Time, also starring Victoria Justice and Britt Robertson centers around high schooler Dave! He is in love with his dream girl and “best friend” Jane (Justice), but things get turned upside down when he meets Aubrey (Robertson) and starts to fall for her as well. Talk about a love triangle! The trailer looks pretty hilarious – and a little heartwarming - right? Can’t wait to see which girl Dylan ends up with in the film!

Now while this is just a snippet from the full interview, be sure to keep checking back -- because the full interview will be posted shortly. And, trust me you'll wanna check it out cause we dig deep to find out some personal "firsts" of Dylans. It's pretty freaking fantastic!

The new film hits theaters on October 19th – check it out!

If you could pick a celeb for Dylan to date, who would it be? Also, tell us about your biggest celebrity crush in the comments below!