We already know that leather jacket have a shelf life when it comes to fashion, but can the newest leather trend keep up?!

We're talking, of course, leather for the bottom half -- pants and skirts! Whether it's on the street or on the red carpet, celebs are showing off their leg in this skin-tight look. Let's break down how our favorite leather lovers are rockin' the trend and decide if it's a passing fad... or totally fabulous!

Kim Kardashian

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Kim's been spotted sporting this trend on more than one occassion recently, going for a skirt one day and tight pants the other. She shows off her curves in a high-waisted, skin tight skirt while house hunting with Kanye West (left), yet also looks sort of casual at the airport, pairing her sleek pants with a plain white shirt (right).

Jessica Biel

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Justin Timberlake's fiance adds a little flair to her rocker pants with another fall trend -- studs. Jess shows she's a real leather lover by pairing the pants with a red, studded jacket of the same material.

Miranda Cosgrove

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Miranda shows us that leather doesn't always have to be so tight and suffocating! Her pleated skirt may be tight at its high waistline, but opens up with pleats to give her legs some breathing space compared to Kim's look (above).

Victoria Justice

Like Jessica (above), Victoria wears a bright jacket with her dark, leather leggings. Let's face it, though -- how many of us could really get away with this look without a little bit of muffin top -- girl is lookin' fab!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen goes for more of a buisness-woman look, pairing her pants with a white turtle neck and blazer. One thing to learn from Gwen: there's only certain ways to carry yourself when wearing this style! Her pants look loose, baggy and bunched up -- totally not flattering.

Amber Heard

Amber proves its not all about being leggy in leather skirts! Her ensemble is nearly knee length, but the daring and different material makes her still look sexy. One thing we've seen from all our ladies in skirts is that they're definitely best high-waisted with a shirt tucked in loosely!

So -- will this leather trend last?! For the fall, maybe, but leather won't be keeping us warm enough to make it too much longer. We're going to rate this one as a FAD, although for the time being, those who can pull it off do look pretty fabulous. Get ready to break out those leather jackets and boots, though!