It seems that the hottest stars always seem to be so fickle when it comes to their hair. From blonde to brunette to red, the evolution of their locks is always changing.

Since some of these celebs just can’t seem to make up their mind – and should probably step away from the hair dye every now and then – we’re offering up advice on which hue suits them the best!

Emma Stone

Winner: RED

It will always be the color she’s known for and fits her feisty personality oh-so-well.

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Lindsay Lohan


Result: Linz, bad things happen when you're brunette and especially when you’re blonde. Maybe there is such thing as blondes have too much fun.

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Drew Barrymore


While she looks great with all colors, she seems most natural sticking with her blonde roots (even if those roots are bleached).

Demi Lovato


Sorry, Demi, just not feeling the blonde. Red is so-so, but brunette is where it’s at! Demi, stay dark!

Brittany Snow


Brittany is for sure one that can pull off any color, but she’s always been known as a blonde and fits her best.



Pretty sure Rihanna is the only one who can pull off this fire-engine red color. With her wild child-personality, it’s pretty perfect for her!

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Which look is the best for these beauties? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet  & Getty Images