Normally, getting pummeled by a guy who then goes on to get a tattoo of a battered woman would be an indicator to stay far, far away from him. That logic doesn't seem to apply to Rihanna when it comes to Chris Brown

Sources are reporting that the pair were caught making out on the dance floor of a NYC nightclub earlier this week. Not only that, but Daily Mail is reporting Breezy tried to make a discreet morning exit out of RiRi's hotel -- before going off to meet his girlfriend!

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A source claims that when Breezy spotted RiRi at the club, he removed his shirt and started "dancing on the table for Rihanna." The two eventually made their way to the dance floor, where they started kissing before disappearing into a more private area of the complex.

This sounds a lot like the bad ex-lovers and on again-off again flames we've all had that our friends warned us about, but we didn't listen. Sometimes you just have to let people make their own ill-advised decisions.

Do you think Chris and Rihanna will get back together?

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