Korean performer Psy's song Gangnam Style isn't just the internet phenomenon of 2012: Depending on which family you speak to, it's also a parenting tool!

A British couple posted a video of their fussy baby Benjamin, who cries and simply refuses to eat his lunch -- until his dad puts on the video for Gangnam Style! Looking absolutely transfixed, the little boy sits quietly and eats everything given to him. Since being posted a week ago, the video has received nearly 1.4 million views.

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To prove that the incident wasn't a one-off, the dad turns off the video and tries to feed Benjamin again with absolutely no luck. He turns on the video and once again, the boy stops crying and starts eating.

These parents probably can't figure out what's worse at this point: their crying baby or having to listen to the same song for at least three times a day!

What do you think of this vdeo?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images