Band mates that get inked together, stay together. One Direction’s Harry Styles already has plenty of tattoos on his body, including most recently a pair of comedy and tragedy drama masks, a birdcage and the letters “SMCL” on his upper left ribcage. To add to his growing collection, Harry now has two small zigzags, a fish skeleton and the figure “99p” on his left wrist and both forearms.

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But the ladies’ man isn’t the only 1D member who has been hanging out at the tattoo parlor lately. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne also had some ink added their bodies as well. Louis has a stick man on the inside of his right forearm as well as getting a matching tattoo with Liam – a screw on their ankles. You know who else has screws tattooed on them? Harry and Zayn Malik! Hey Niall, where’s yours, buddy?

Louis took to Twitter to tease Niall about not joining the tatted-up club, writing, “So Me and Liam joined the crew yesterday and got two screw tattoo’s on our ankles, now we all have it except Niall! Come on @NiallOfficial.”

Since Liam recently split from long-time girlfriend Danielle Peazer and he shaved off his hair, do you think that getting a tattoo is a way of rebelling? People do some crazy things when they’re upset!

What do you think about 1D’s new tattoos? Are you loving them or are they a bit too much? 

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet