Just when we thought we had a new Hollywood couple on our hands, one of them denies it – sort of. James Franco was rumored to be getting pretty cozy with his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson and they were even spotted together at a haunted hayride in LA.

James has addressed the rumor in an editorial for Huffington Post, as well as his rumored hook ups with Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart. Where did those ones come from? Talking about a wide range of topics for his post, he writes, “I also hear that I’ve been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy.”

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Skipping ahead to the Selena and Ashley rumors, he continues, “As for Gomez and Benson, those are Bieber’s girls and I wouldn’t dare tangle with the Biebs. I heard he wants to kick my ass. Yikes!” The “ass-kicking” that James is referring to is ANOTHER rumor circulating that Selena and Justin Bieber are furious with Ashley for dumping their friend Ryan Good to be with James.

Like I said, he kinda denies the rumor with Ashley, which leaves us all thinking it’s just a hook-up/fling these two have going on. Maybe this will help the Biebs sleep a little better at night.

What do you think about James’ post on his relationship with Ashley? What do you think is really going on between these two?

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