We’ve all been pretty worried about Justin Bieber these last few days as his laptop was stolen and a Twitter bully @gexwy has been tweeting threatening posts about the contents – including posting a semi-nude photo of someone, which was later removed.  Just yesterday, @gexwy threatened to release a personal video of Justin’s! And we only had to wait until noon today to find out what that scandalous footage was…

And all we can say Beliebers is that it’s official - Justin Bieber is the ultimate master of surprise! 

Chelsea Briggs has the video and more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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So what shocking video did @gexwy release of Justin Bieber at #NOON?? When the unidentified “laptop thief” tweeted at 12:00pm EST, he included the link to…Justin Bieber’s sick new video for Beauty and A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj – written and directed by Justin himself! The video, which is set up to look like personal footage from Justin’s hand-held camera actually turns out to be the absolute raddest water-park party! The Biebs does synchronized swimming and busts a serious move in the water with his dancers. The video even features Nicki getting a little flirty with Justin in a poufy pink dress!

Bottom line - Justin Bieber is an evil genius – and we love it!!!

What do you think of Justin’s fake-out? Were you TOTALLY surprised or are you still pretending you didn’t buy into the whole thing?