This isn’t the first time Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have been accused of shady business ethics, but this might be the most easy, breezy, beautiful lawsuit they’ve ever had.

The Kardashians are getting ready to launch an affordable line of cosmetics called Khroma Beauty, which will be sold next month at places like CVS and Sears. Sounds good, right? Not if you’re the owner of high-end cosmetic line Chroma Makeup. Michael Rey said he’s freaking out because his brand took 12 years to build and he’s afraid Khroma will cheapen Chroma and make his customers embarrassed to tell people what they’re wearing for fear of confusion. He's also accusing the sisters of ripping off the name, according to TMZ.

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So is Michael taking this to court? He said he’s hired a legal team and is prepared to take legal action if the Kardashians don’t change the name. He’s also informed all his clients that he is not associated with their “low-budget cosmetic products.”

There’s no doubt Michael is getting screwed here, but it’s a different name, different price range and different styles of products. It doesn’t seem like he has a case. It’s still super-shady though. You’ll also recall that the Kardashian sisters were sued earlier this year for $5 million over a video where they claimed to have lost a ton of weight through diet pills called QuickTrim, only for it to be revealed that the pills were completely fake. And then there was that whole making $18 million off a fake wedding thing...

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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