If Twitter is any indication, your favorite celebrities were just like everyone else in the country last night and watching the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

But while these famous faces are conservative in some areas and liberal in others, none of them seem to lack an opinion on anything! From Lady Gaga to Alec Baldwin, find out what your favorite A-listers had to say before, during and after the debate.

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Our favorite celeb Tweet of the night undoubtedly has to go to Chris Rock, who had this to say during the debate. "Obama is waiting for the right moment to pull out Bin Laden's skull from behind the podium. Wait for it. Wait for it... #debate#PresDebate."

Check out what some others had to say, both good and bad, about Barack and Mitt.

Lady Gaga: "I believe its important to note before this begins that Romney is a millionaire and paid well below the average tax rate, paying only 13.9%."

Bill Maher: "my rating: Romney won the debate, Obama had the facts on his side, and Lehrer sucked. Next debate, get @SethMacFarlane to host!"

Alec Baldwin: "Obama is a potentially great man who remains mildly uncomfortable in public life. Mitt is a gifted off-shore money tycoon and tax preparer."

Samuel L. Jackson: "What future generations is Mitt the guardian of?! I think dude just wants to add Leader Of The Free World to his resume'!"

Rob Lowe: "Watched a lot of debates, that was a real blood-letting. #POTUSwiffs #Mittenssticks."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "It's not about LIKING @BarackObama Obama ( And I do) It's about NEEDING @MittRomney Romney ( and we all do) #Debate2012 #debate #Debate2012."

What's your take on the celebrity reactions to the debate?

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