You know those nights when you’re out getting wasted with your mother at a New York City hotspot, then all of a sudden it’s 4 AM and you can’t agree whether your limo is going back to your hotel in the city or her place on Long Island, and you start fighting about it, and she scratches you, and then the cops come? And then it’s in the news the next day?

Well, neither do we, but we’re not Lindsay Lohan. The Liz & Dick star just can't seem to go five minutes without a brush with the law. Police were called to the Merrick home of Dina Lohan last night following a loud argument between mother and daughter that took place some time after they left the Electric Room at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan.

Wow, all this drama is so unlike the Lohan family...

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"There's no criminality and no arrests were made," a Nassau County police spokesman clarified, which means we won’t be seeing Lilo in court or behind bars again any time soon. (At least, not for this.) But TMZ reports that the fight began in Manhattan, where Dina was “wasted” and somehow scratched her daughter’s leg after arguing about whether they were going back to Merrick or to Lindsay’s hotel.

As if the mother-daughter scuffle was’t enough, E! News has reported that dad Michael Lohan got in the action, too — he's the one who placed the call to the cops in the first place!

"I did call the police at Lindsay's request and Lindsay even asked that I record the conversation because she was being held against her will by the limo driver at Dina's instruction," a statement from Michael said. "There is a lot more to it than the police report says and it's going to come out!"

So wait: Lindsay called the police on HERSELF? That sounds completely logical.

We're definitely intrigued/scared to read said police report, but unti then we'll have to wait for any more details as Lindsay and Dina's reps were not surprisingly unavailable for comment. Man, the Lohan family PR reps' full-time job must be declining comments.

Do you think we've heard the last of this Lohan family battle, or is there more juice to the story? 

Photos Courtesy of FameFlynet