Lindsay Lohan's plans for a fresh start on the east coast have been an epic fail, to put it bluntly.

The drama that is LiLo's life seems to have followed her for the 3,000 mile journey. After getting arrested for an alleged hit-and-run two weeks ago and then being rushed to the emergency room last weekend, this weekend provided a whole other set of issues. Lindsay claimed that Christian LaBella assaulted her inside her hotel room last Sunday morning by throwing her to the bed, punching and choking her, resulting in minor injuries. The good news for her is that Christian was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and two counts of harassment charges. The bad news, according to E! Online, is the charges were DROPPED after the NYPD quickly determined no crime was committed!

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The drama allegedly started when Lindsay met Christian while the two partied at a nightclub in Manhattan. When the party continued at her hotel room, Lindsay confronted him about photos he was taking of her on his cell phone. She claims that Christian then threw her on the bed, causing scratches, and punched her. She ran out of the room and eventually returned, where Christian choked her and threw her on the ground. A friend reportedly separated the two and pulled a fire alarm by her.

According to the NYPD though, none of the attacks actually took place. "It's both distressing and outrageous…and there should be a consequence for that," Lohan's rep Steve Honig. Whether he means the alleged assault or completely making up the story to police (plus pulling a fire alarm) is anyone's guess.

Do you think Lindsay was assaulted?

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