Madonna is known as the Queen of Pop, but what does she think of her musical minions? Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but push a few of Madge’s buttons when she appeared on the show yesterday, asking Madonna to rate her pop peers ― including a few that she has a dicey history with.

For the most part, the Material Girl played nice, even though we get the sense that she’s holding her tongue on a few of these. So it’s up to us to read between the lines at what her coy pauses and cat-who-got-the-canary expressions really mean.

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In our best estimation, based on her responses, here’s how we think Madonna would rank today’s hottest pop acts, from favorite to least:

1. Beyonce: “Incredible voice.”

2. Pink: “I like her. She’s cool.”

3. Rihanna: “I like her too… I think she’s sexy.”

4. Britney Spears: “Good kisser.”

5. Lady Gaga: “Good voice.”

6. Nicki Minaj: “Nice ass.”

7. Jennifer Lopez: “Nice ass.”

8. Katy Perry: “Haven’t kissed her.”

9. Elton John: “Nice ass.”

It's hard to tell for sure whether Madge's long pause before answering about Lady Gaga was because she was struggling to think of something nice to say, or all for show. Of course, we think her skirting of the Elton John kerfuffle was especially shrewd. Madonna has a way of insulting people even when she's technically paying them a compliment!

Do you think we got Madonna's rankings right? Let us know in the comments!