Cue the obvious opener: We've got a sober Situation!

Despite recent reports that The Situation, a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino, has fallen off the wagon, the Jersey Shore star stopped by The Ellen Show arguably looking better than he ever has. He told Ellen DeGeneres that since entering rehab earlier this year for an addiction to prescription medication, he's been drug and alcohol free for eight months! "It's a really special year for me because it was something that was so hard to deal with in my life," said The Sitch. "My buddies and my brothers helped me get through it though. I'm stronger for it today and probably the healthiest I've ever been since I was 21."

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And despite questions as to why he would enter the party-filled environment of the house and Jersey Shore clubs as a recovering addict, The Sitch maintains that the decision to stay for the last season was right for him. "I would feel so bad for my buddies to go on without me and I wouldn't want nothing to happen to them," said The Situation. "Nobody has the recipe for the rules of this game. I figured to myself that if I can get through rehab, why not take a shot?"

His castmates are enjoying the revamped Mike as well. "When Mike first came into the house, he came in as The Situation. I never liked The Situation," said fellow co-star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. "This year, he came in as Mike Sorrentino. And he was great to be around. He was fun, he was active. It was great to have him in the house." Check out the new and improved Sitch when the final season of Jersey Shore kicks off tonight on MTV!

What do you think of The Situation getting sober?

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