Miley Cyrus officially has one less thing to worry about after this weekend.

The stalker who hid in the bushes of her home with a pair of scissors last month and later told police they were married was sentenced to jail over the weekend. Jason Luis Rivera was convicted of trespassing and resisting arrest, but was given a probation offer on the condition that he stay far away from Miley. For whatever reason, he refused and according to She Knows, the judge gave him the maximum sentence of 18 months.

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When Jason was arrested and booked last month, Miley was granted a temporary restraining order. However, that restraining order ended once he was sentenced to prison! "I advised [Miley's] legal team to get a restraining order immediately." said attorney Joshua Geller.

Luckily, Miley wasn't home when all of this went down last month, but a source close to her said she has no plans to alter her lifestyle. "She doesn't plan on moving from her home and will not allow crazy people to ruin her life. When she is home, she has her own security team that she trusts and is confident they would protect her," said the source.

What do you think of the sentenced handed down by the judge?

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