If you’re drinking heavily, make sure you know where you live. Or if nothing else, don’t mistake your home for the one belonging to Tom Cruise.

An Australian interior decorator made that very mistake (but hey, haven't we all?) and has some less than pleasant keepsakes to show from it. Jason Sullivan was out partying with friends two nights ago and got a ride home from a sober friend, who dropped him off at the Beverly Hills residence he had been crashing at. The only problem? Apparently mansions can be deceiving, so Jason tried to enter a nearby property belonging to the actor, according to TMZ.

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Within moments, someone called to report an intruder at Tom’s house. Security guards quickler tasered Jason and police arrested him for trespassing when they arrived shortly after. The Aussie also reportedly had to briefly go to the hospital for injuries relating to the tasering and is still sporting some severe bruising along his back.

As for Tom? He wasn’t anywhere near the property when the incident went down. At least he knows his home is in good hands!

What do you think of Tom's drunk intruder?

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