If a film has Ryan Gosling AND Emma Stone in it, it’s destined for box office gold. Their second film together Gangster Squad has been all the buzz for months now and they’re teasing us even more by releasing another trailer. Showcasing crime, romance, guns and Ryan in a fedora, the new clip holds us over just a tiny bit longer until January.

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Gangster Squad’s release date was pushed back following the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooing back in July due to one scene where there is a shootout in a movie theater. Since it’s a sensitive subject, director Ruben Fleischer had to reshoot that scene, moving the original September release.

Starring Ryan, Emma, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin, the film tells the story of police sergeant Jerry Wooters (Ryan) who becomes a part of John O’Mara’s (Josh) gangster squad trying to take down Brooklyn mob boss Mickey Cohen (Sean). The film hits theaters January 11th, 2013.

What are you most excited to see with Gangster Squad? The action? The Ryan and Emma romance? Or just Ryan in general?