It's been over five years since Gossip Girl first hit the air and it's not only been responsible for launching music careers like the one of Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless, but some of the biggest names in music have stopped by as well.

The sixth and final season of the show kicks off tonight on The CW, so we're taking a look back at some of the best musical moments (and, at times, slightly cringeworthy acting attempts) from your favorite performers. Check out seven of the biggest names in music that graced the show with their presence!

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Lady Gaga

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How do you impress some snobby theater kids at NYU? Get Gaga to perform at the school's retelling of Snow White! That's exactly what Blair manages to pull off, but the problem is that Gaga's performance of Bad Romance is met with total indifference!

Jenny Lewis

The Rilo Kiley frontwoman appears with Jonathan Rice to play My Pet Snakes, which appears on the show's soundtrack. She also attempts to act as well, but let's just say she should stick to singing.


Swedish songstress Robyn not only sings in an episode of the show, but she does a little acting as well. Dan leaks a video of an extremely drunk Blair singing Stand By Your Man and then gets Robyn to introduce it at Blair's birthday party!

No Doubt

Some things are better left on the cutting room floor. At one point, the creators of the show tried to launch an '80s spin-off where Lily (mother of Serena) tries to navigate Cali's punk rock scene. Sound awful? That's because it probably would have been. At least Gwen Stefani and her band's cover of Stand and Deliver was pretty sweet.

Lisa Loeb

Lisa performs at a rather depressing party for Rolling Stone's Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the '90s. Kudos to the Stay singer and eyewear aficionado for having enough of a sense of humor to take part in this!

Hilary Duff

Here's one way to let people know you've moved on from your Lizzie McGuire days: instigate a lesbian kiss scene! And a triple kiss at that! She also sings Love Game in a separate episode.

Sonic Youth

Indie rock goddess and Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon makes an appearance to not only marry Lily and Rufus, but to play an acoustic song herself. Her musical performance is great if you can get past the Italian dub-over with the acting in this video.

What's your favorite Gossip Girl musical guest?

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