As you may have noticed based on the Facebook status of every girl you know, Taylor Swift’s Red dropped today, adding a vibrant new hue to the palette of musicians who have titled their albums after colors.

What is it about music and colors that fits together so well? One is audio, one is visual, but both are striking in their own way. Colors tend to evoke a specific emotion, just like songs do. So in honor of Red, for this week's My Monday Playlist, we’re putting together a playlist of songs from the spectrum of our favorite LPs named after a color. If you could listen to a box of crayons, this is what they'd sound like.

1. Taylor Swift's RED

Red Track Selectiont: Red

Red tends to stand for either anger or passion, but it’s no surprise that Taylor chose the latter for the title track, given how often her songs tend to be about love. Taylor actually drops a few more melancholy colors into the mix, describing life without her former beau as blue and grey before kicking into the chorus with “Loving him was red.”


2. Frank Ocean's Channel ORANGE

Orange Track Selection: Thinkin Bout You

Orange is a color you can’t help but notice, and Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange stands out in a similar fashion — its unconventional melodies and wide-ranging influences are attention-grabbing, to say the least. Thematically, though, songs about unrequited love like “Thinkin Bout You” are maybe not as upbeat as the color suggests...



3. The Beatles' YELLOW Submarine

Yellow Track Selection: Yellow Submarine (obvs)

The Beatles actually liked naming albums after colors so much, they did it twice. There’s the famous, groundbreaking White Album (officially titled just The Beatles) and, of course, the more playful Yellow Submarine, a soundtrack to the film of the same name. The sunny “Yellow Submarine” is The Beatles’ stab at writing a children’s song, so just try and get it out of your head once you listen.



4. The Muppets' GREEN Album

Green Track Selection: Bein' Green

Kermit the Frog is famous for his claim that "it's not easy being green,” but The Muppets sure make it feel effortless on this collection of duets between the felt stars and musicians like OK Go and Weezer. And in a list that’s all about colors, you might also want to throw on “The Rainbow Connection,” featuring Weezer and Hayley Williams.


5. Madonna's True BLUE 

Blue Track Selection: Live To Tell

Madonna’s third album contained many of her most iconic tracks, including “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Open Your Heart,” and of course, “True Blue.” But if we have to choose a favorite, it’s the bombastic breakup ballad “Live To Tell,” because you don’t listen to an album with “blue” in the title unless you want to feel a little mopey, now do you?


6. Prince's PURPLE Rain

Purple is the color of royalty, so it’s no wonder a guy named Prince chose to associate himself with it. Purple Rain is his sixth album, as lush and over-the-top as the color it’s named after. We’ve never actually seen a dove cry (or purple rain, for that matter), but until Prince came along, we’d never seen anything like him either. Though since Prince won't allow any of his real songs on YouTube, you're just gonna have to imagine what it sounds like when doves cry.


7. Nicki Minaj's PINK Friday


Pink Track Selection: Super Bass

Black Friday? Not after Nicki Minaj gets ahold of it. For her much-hyped debut album, Nicki took a genre that is often dark and brightened it with her pop sensibilities, hence the “pink.” Nicki hasn’t let a fondness for girly things like Barbie dolls stand in the way of being taken seriously as a rapper who can rhyme with the best of them, and “Super Bass” still hasn’t gotten old even two years later (even if “Starships” has after a matter of months).

8. Amy Winehouse's Back to BLACK

Black Track Selection: Back To Black

Leave it to Amy Winehouse to have selected the darkest color of all. The late chanteuse left this world far too soon, but she left us with Back To Black, a perfect collection of throwbacks to 60’s soul that sounded like no other (until everyone tried to copy her). “Rehab” may have been overplayed (and now it’s just a little sad), but when you’re in the mood to wallow in a bit of gloom, “Back To Black” and the rest of these heartbroken tracks are your best bet by far.

Did we leave out any of your favorite color albums? Let us know in the comments!