Bright colors? Sassy rhymes? Cleavage as far as the eye can see? Yes, that’s right — we just described a new Nicki Minaj video. And this time, she’s brought her pal Cassie into the mix to sing the hook!

“The Boys” nicely bridges Nicki’s rapping with her poppier sensibilities, leaving the chorus for Cassie. It’s a catchy girl power anthem about the failings of men, informing us: "The boys always spend all their money on love."

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Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, seems to have spent all her money on a flame-thrower and a weird little car. No wonder Mariah Carey beefed up her security!

"The Boys" comes from Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up, and with more pink than a cotton candy factory, it definitely reminds us of the rapstress’ “Super Bass” heyday.


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