When it comes to her art, Nicole Kidman is willing to do plenty. The actress has taken on controversial roles throughout her lengthy career and even appeared nude in several movies.

One thing she wasn't willing to do is say the N-word. Nicole revealed that for her latest film The Paperboy, which hits theaters nationwide today, said she was asked by director Lee Daniels to use the word in a scene. According to Daily Mail, she refused to do so out of her respect for her African-American adopted son Connor, whose father is her ex-husband Tom Cruise. "I just didn't feel like it was right," said Nicole. "I have opinions, but at the same time I'm not there to stop him from anything. I never want to pull them off their vision."

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Lee said he was originally furious at Nicole's refusal to say the word, but had a change of heart after speaking with this producer. "He mapped it out: 'Lee, day one she is on a washing machine, day two she is urinating on Zac Efron, day three she is having telepathic sex...I think you can forgive her," said Lee.

In the film, Nicole plays the role of a woman who writes to prisoners on death row. Matthew McConaughey also stars in it.

What do you think of Nicole's N-word refusal?

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