Even the Queen of Pop takes a spill every now and again.

Is embarrassing yourself on stage the new black? Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have both vomited during concerts in recent weeks, and now Madonna bit the dust in Dallas while performing “Like A Prayer” ― a song which, let us remind you, contains the lyric: “Oh God, I think I’m falling.”

Here's a little something we like to call "confessions from a stage floor":

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The MDNA tour has seen its share of blunders, both intentional and unintended ― a flashing of a breast here, calling the President a “black Muslim” there. But there's nothing controversial or risque about being knocked on your ass. That's just straight-up embarrassing.

At least we can see Madge was a good sport, sorta pretending it was on purpose by kicking her leg up in the air and doing a sexyish roll before righting herself. Leave it to the Material Girl to make a stumble look this good.

Has MDNA seen enough gaffes or what? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet