Hey girl, are you ready to have your heart explode from a whole lot of Ryan Gosling cuteness? You better be because a video of 12-year-old Ryan has surfaced and it makes us love the hottest man in the universe even more (if that’s even possible).

Canada AM, a morning news shows, has released an interview with him when he won a spot on Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Yes, the same show with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

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This is just too much to handle. Ryan still has the same cool, calm and collected manner about him and that denim shirt with the crazy-print tie from the 90’s is just too good. And can we just talk about his dancing and the awesome clip of him on the drums for a music video? He’s perfect.

We’re just happy to know that that totally-swoon-worthy grin of his has been, well, swoon-worthy. Thank you, Canada AM. Thank you.

List off the different reason why this video totally rules in the comments section below!

Video Courtesy of Canada AM