If you missed the debut season of shows like Animal Practice or Ben and Kate, fear not because you'll be able to catch them again soon. Not on TV, but in the bargain bin at your local Walmart!

Whether it was due to bad ratings, bad storylines or simply not being given enough time to develop a following, several shows this fall were cancelled after just a handful of episodes -- or in some cases, before they even made it on the air! And while some shows haven't been cancelled yet after their debut season, they appear damn close to it. Check out our roundup of the top 10 TV shows that were axed (or about to be) after just one season.

1. Guys With Kids

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Starring: Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, Jason Bradford

Not even creator Jimmy Fallon appears able to save this show about three men in their 30s helping to raise each others children. The show premiered on September 12 with 6.24 million viewers, but is down to 4.41 million viewers with its most recent episode just last week. NBC can't be too happy with those numbers.

2. Next Caller

Starring: Dane Cook

Dane was set to play the role of a DJ who is crude, egotistical and unwilling to share the spotlight. Way to stretch those acting chops, buddy! Unfortunately for Dane fans, the show was cancelled before it ever made it on air! NBC pulled the plug two weeks ago after just four episodes were filmed, citing creative differences with Dane, and announced the completed episodes will not be released.

3. Made In Jersey

Starring: Janet Montgomery, Kyle MacLachlan, Stephanie March

Janet plays the role of Martina Garretti, a Jersey attorney who joins a posh NYC law firm. She didn't get a chance to test out her bridge and tunnel commute for very long. After the show lost more than a million viewers from its series premiere to the second episode, NBC pulled the plug and has no plans to air any of the remaining episode.

4. Animal Practice

Starring: Justin Kirk, Joanna Garcia Swisher

This poorly rated new show, centered around a vet's office, is going to be put to sleep very soon. The pilot premiered in August with 12.8 million viewers, but the series debuted one month later with just 5.19 million tuning in and that number has dwindled even further to 3.85 million. NBC announced it's canceling the show and replacing it on Nov. 14th with one of last year's struggling, nearly-canceled shows: Whitney.

5. The Mob Doctor

Starring: Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe

Jordana plays the lead role of Grace Devlin, who leads quite a busy life between juggling hospital duties as a surgical resident and protecting her brother from the mob by helping anyone they demand. Unfortunately, nothing can protect her from the show's sagging ratings. The show premiered on September 17 with 5.11 million viewers, but three episodes later, only 3.36 million people tuned in. The show's final three episodes will air next month and unless things pick up, we're willing to bet FOX takes out a hit on the show.

6. Partners

Starring: David Krumholtz, Michael Urie

This story about two best friends, one gay and one straight, who are now partners at a law firm feels exactly like Will and Grace. That's probably because the show was written by the same creator! Fans might be feeling the same way as well, which explains the bad numbers. Partners premiered a month ago with 6.56 million viewers, but the show has fallen as low as 5.7 million people tuning in for the weeks since then.

7. The Neighbors

Starring: Jamie Gertz, Lenny Venito

The story about a normal family who just happens to have aliens as neighbors is comically laughable and the special effects are cheesy at best. Apparently, aliens have been abducting the show's viewers as well. 9.22 million people tuned in for last month's premiere of this goofy sitcom, but only 6.5 million were still watching the most recent episode just three weeks later.

8. Emily Owens, M.D.

Starring: Mamie Gummer

Mamie is certainly endearing enough playing the role of Emily, a first-year medical intern, but the show's ratings for its premiere last week automatically put the show on life support with only 1.67 million people tuning in. Even for The CW, those are severely unimpressive numbers.

9. Ben and Kate

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Nat Fox

Fox ordered 19 episodes of the show earlier this month, but they may soon be regretting that decision. The story of a struggling single mom and her party-hearty brother who steps in to help raise her daughter has not connected with fans. The show premiered with 4.21 million viewers at the end of last month, but has lost nearly half its fanbase just three weeks later with the most recent episode bringing in only 2.7 million viewers.

What's your favorite (soon to be) cancelled show?

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