While touring the US earlier this year, One Direction admitted that they headed in one direction after their shows: straight for the alcohol!

The boys are of legal drinking age back home in the UK, but none of them are old enough to drink stateside. Despite their management handing down a strict policy of no smoking, boozing or sex while they were on their recent US tour in order to maintain their wholesome image, the band admitted they still managed to get in a few sneaky drinks, according to Daily Star. "We have to get it out of the mini-bar at the hotel. That’s the only way,” admitted Niall Horan.

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This isn't the first time the guys haven't acted their age though. They were kicked out of numerous Vegas casinos last June for trying to gamble underage and have gotten into hot water with manager Simon Cowell for their hard partying ways. Then again, Simon did sneak them bottles of champagne to celebrate their success at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year. Mixed messages, anyone?

Luckily for 1D, they only have one more show in the US this December, so they can drink until their hearts (and livers) content until then.

What do you think of One Direction's admitted underage drinking?

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