What happened to Prince Harry in Vegas sure as hell didn't stay in Vegas, but it did bring a lot of people to Sin City!

The nude party pics from the Prince's hotel room last August resulted in a, ahem, cheeky ad campaign from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority that condemned the leak. Given how international the scandal was, the full-page ad that was published in USA Today reached a staggering 154 million people. And according to the Las Vegas Sun, that translated to $23 million in revenue for the city!

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The authority said they aren't able to track what the $23 million was being spent on or how many additional visits the photos resulted in. However, according to E! Online, there was a doubling of searches for Vegas resorts on hotels.com and the invention of a new $25 hamburger at a Strip restaurant.

“God bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money,” said LVCVA Board Chairman Tom Collins. We have a feeling the Prince will be welcomed back with open arms anytime he wants!

What do you think of the Vegas tourism boom because of the pics?

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