There aren’t many ladies who can dominate the Top 40 like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have lately, and this fall, both will be offering up new music in hopes of ruling the charts once again.

Today both formidable females released artwork for their upcoming albums, so naturally, we’re pitting them against each other and choosing a clear victor. After all, as Mariah Carey knows, Nicki doesn’t mind a catfight.

Whose album art is hotter? Which shines bright like a diamond? Let's break it down.

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ROUND ONE: Album Title

Nicki’s rereleased LP is Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up. What a mouthful! While of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was actually a totally separate album from her debut, Pink Friday, Nicki decided to title it Roman Reloaded for some reason, which makes it super awkward now that she actually is reloading the album. Word to the wise — any album title that requires both a colon and a hyphen is probably too verbose.

Rihanna, on the other hand, keeps it simple with Unapologetic. Given her responses to criticism (especially when it comes to that potentially-rekindled romance with Chris Brown), we can confirm that the "Where Have You Been" singer is indeed unapologetic about her often-outrageous behavior. The title suits her.

VICTOR: Rihanna

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ROUND TWO: Ability To Find Album Title

If you didn’t already know Rihanna’s album was titled Unapologetic, you might have a hard time figuring it out. Is it called Side Effects? #Navy? 7 Happy Fearless Chalice? Who could tell? The one hint is the dark spot covering Rihanna’s breast, which just so happens to be where the word Unapologetic rests. But why would Ri Ri assume our eyes are drawn there...? (Oh, who are we kidding. That's the first place we looked.)

On the other hand, you’d have to be legally blind to miss Nicki’s ginormous title The Re-Up. On clarity alone, this one goes to Nicki.

VICTOR: Nicki Minaj

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ROUND 3: Photography

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’s cover art was a hot paint-splattered mess. You might expect Nicki to “re-up” on her rainbow clown hues, too, but she’s keeping it surprisingly simple on this one, and she’s got just a hint of a snarl as opposed to the full-on Roman crazy faces we’re used to. And her hair is a natural color!! What’s going on here?

Meanwhile, Rihanna is naked again and clearly not apologizing for it. But despite the nudity, it’s not a particularly sexy photo — Rihanna looks like she might burst into tears at any second, like she just can’t seem to find the right bra for today.

VICTOR: Tough call, but let’s go with Rihanna’s more artistic approach. For a “re-up,” Nicki’s actually gives is a lot less personality than the original album’s art.

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ROUND 4: Content

Rihanna’s single Diamonds is perfectly listenable, yet doesn’t seem to have the enduring smash hit appeal of something like Umbrella or We Found Love. And Rihanna’s albums tend to be more single-driven than cohesive and conceptual, so those singles really matter.

Meanwhile, many felt Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was already too confused about whether it was trying to please rap fans or draw in new listeners from Top 40. The album was overstuffed as it is, so piling even more tracks on top of the 19 existing ones seems excessive.

VICTOR: Who can say? Our best guess is Rihanna, who tends to have at least a few classic cuts on each album.

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Which diva emerges victorious today? This one goes to topless Rihanna's Unapologetic, and we aren’t sorry about it.

Did we make the right call? Tell us in comments!