Rihanna must hate rest and relaxation more than anyone else on this planet. She’s always dreaming up new ways to keep herself on the move.

Now, in addition to releasing her seventh album in as many years, the “We Found Love” singer is also hitting seven countries in just seven days with her new 777 tour.

Is she crazy?

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Some of the pop star’s biggest fans from her “Navy” and journalists from all over the world will hop aboard a Boeing 777 (of course), accompanying Ri Ri to all seven destinations. We assume the in-flight movie will be Se7en and passengers will only be allowed to drink 7-Up.

Clearly, Rihanna is determined to live the high life in the flashiest way possible, and she’s willing to spend a lot of money in order to do it. Is she taking this “Diamonds” obsession a little too far or what?

The controversial pop star seems to think many fans can live as large as she can, since she also recently announced a “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box” (gee, how many luxurious words can you cram into one box set?) that will run for a whopping $250.

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In addition to the new album Unapologetic, the set includes a Rihanna T-shirt, 2GB USB drive, some “Diamonds” remixes on vinyl, seven art print lithographs, laptop and phone stickers, a personal handwritten note from Rihanna, and a 3D View Master with previously-unsees images of her style evolution. As described on her website, it is a “limited edition art piece for a true collector.”

But for $250, you might as well just buy some actual diamonds.

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